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This all started with your students, in your own classrooms and hallways. Through conversations, focus groups, surveys and interviews, we asked your students to tell us how they learn. When and where they study. And… why? Some of their comments surprised us, while others didn't: “(the book is) too long” and “too expensive.”

We also discovered solutions that students liked best: briefer chapters and useful online study aids. Hundreds of your peers joined us online and in face-to-face focus groups to enhance our student offerings. We published our first 4LTR Press solution, MKTG, in the spring of 2007 and the response to this ground-breaking teaching and learning solution has been overwhelming. We also developed and published CB for the Consumer Behavior course in late 2008 and the response has been very favorable. Over 750 schools are using a 4LTR Press solution for marketing, consumer behavior, management, economics, operations management, introduction to business, and business communication.

We are proud to introduce MM, – by Dawn Iacobucci – Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University, an innovative concept in teaching and learning solutions for your marketing management course designed to best reach today's students. MM represents the new solution to teaching and learning marketing management that you and your students developed together.

This brief paperback, in a magazine format, includes a suite of learning aids to accommodate the diverse lifestyles of today's learners. In addition, we even created a few new tools to help you with your course, including an integrated marketing management framework for thoughtfully and systematically tackling key marketing questions and a suite of online interactive tools to facilitate student understanding of core concepts such as customer lifetime value, segmentation, and product pricing. And, along with our partners at Harvard Business Publishing, Darden, and Ivey, we offer a complete set of teaching and learning materials for the Marketing Management course. We hope that you'll consider this new student-driven, faculty-approved solution for your classroom and that you and your students will continue to offer feedback along the way. In turn, we'll strive to continually improve your teaching experience and your students' learning experience. We look forward to hearing from you about MM.

Features of MM

Marketing Framework – To organize the chapter by chapter details and demonstrate the larger context of marketing management, each chapter opens with a Marketing Framework designed to help students thoughtfully and systematically tackle key marketing questions.

Interactive Analytical Tools – This suite of online tools facilitate student understanding by providing interactive examples, problems, and opportunities to apply core concepts such as customer lifetime value, segmentation, and product pricing.

Chapter Prep Cards - Chapter prep cards at the back of the Instructor's Edition make preparation simple. These detachable cards for each chapter offer a brief chapter outline, video activity, and discussion and marketing plan questions to help you organize chapter content efficiently. For chapters containing a mini-case, the card also contains a mini-case synopsis as well as the full case for ease of use in class. Chapter review cards for students provide a portable study tool for class preparation.

Case Maps – Recommended case selections from providers such as Harvard Business Publishing, Darden, and Ivey are available for ease of use along with the flexibility to build a case supplement to meet the specific needs of your course.

Supplements for MM

Instructor's Resource CD - Place resources at your fingertips with this efficient Instructor's Resource CD, including Instructor's Manual, Test Bank, ExamView Testing software, PowerPoint, and Videos.

Videos - Video segments for each chapter demonstrate how key concepts and tools are utilized in real companies. Video summaries and discussion questions are provided in the Instructor's Manual.

4ltrpress.cengage.com/MM - Now you and your students can take the MM learning experience a step further with the rich array of teaching and learning resources available on this interactive companion Website. You'll find exercises and applications, as well as interactive multimedia learning tools, interactive quizzing, and other tools. Easily download the instructor resources you need from the password-protected instructor-only section of the site titled “I'm Using MM.”

Table of Contents

1. What is Marketing?
2. Marketing Segmentation
3. Targeting
4. Positioning
5. Products: Goods and Services
6. Brands
7. New Products
8. Pricing
9. Channels of Distribution and Business Marketing Networks and Logistics
10. Integrated Marketing Communications: The Advertising Message
11. Advertising Media and Integrated Marketing Communications
12. Customer Evaluations
13. Marketing Research Tools
14. Marketing Strategy
15. Marketing Plans

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